Styling Tips For Curly Hair

Having beautiful curls is almost impossible to achieve without making some mistakes along the way. Curly hairs are often some of the wisest looking hairs in the world! That’s why spent years catching up with all the in-house curly hair experts for the latest scoop on all the most common curly hair wrongdoings and what you could be doing to prevent them to keep your lovely curls glowing, smooth, and intact for years to come! Here are the 5 most common (yet surprisingly effective) curly hair mistakes:

* Too much heat is applied to curly hairs. When blow drying, flat iron, or using any other tool that applies excessive heat to your locks, certain chemicals are emitted that cause a chemical reaction which damages the cuticle and causes damage to the follicle, eventually leading to an alopecia, or falling out of curl. To avoid this, use low temperature styling tools and blow dry only at a low rate. Also, take note that if blow drying is unavoidable, apply hair product with heat protection to retain moisture in your hair while styling.

* The wrong curl-firming shampoo is being used. There are many brands out there, and each one promises to give your curly hair thicker, shinier, and more manageable curls. While some of them do work, there are others whose main ingredient is silicone, which does nothing but further damage the hair fiber. So be extra careful about choosing a brand to buy. Make sure it’s 100% natural silicone and not paraffin.

* The wrong product is being used. When you pick out any shampoo, conditioner, or treatment, always remember to read the label and know exactly what it is you’re buying. Chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate are harmful to both the hair follicle, as well as to the environment. While a certain amount of sodium laureth sulphate is needed in cleansing products to make them foam, too much of it leads to thinning and hair loss. It also strips the hair follicle of the moisture that it needs to stay healthy and strong.

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* The curls are out of control. You might be trying different things, such as heating appliances and even straightening irons, but nothing seems to work. If you notice that your hair keeps going from one bouncy style to another, then you have an issue with the texture of your hair, which needs attention. Consult a stylist who specializes in curly cuts or a dermatologist to fix the texture problems you’re experiencing.

* Your curls are too dry. If you want your curly locks to look great, they need to be moisturized. Most shampoos and conditioners contain a lot of silicone that makes the hair slick and dry. This makes it easier for dirt and oil to clog up in the hair shaft, which makes the curls look unruly. There are some products available that are specifically designed to moisturize dry hair, and there are also products that can help retain moisture in curly hair. Ask your stylist which kind of product would work best for your type of curl, whether it’s very fine or thick.

* You need to use shampooing techniques that work best for your type of curl. Some people need to shampoo more frequently than others because their curls tend to be more fragile and prone to breaking easily. Ask your stylist for advice on the frequency of shampooing necessary for your type of curl.

* Your hair is not absorbing enough moisture. Even if you have naturally curly strands, it’s possible that they could be quite dry. Hair tends to become drier as it becomes thinner, which explains why so many curly people sport pomade curls and bangs. If you use conditioners often, but they aren’t penetrating deep enough into the roots, your strands may be too frizzy. It’s also a good idea to add a bit of moisturizing oil to your hair, such as avocado oil, to get extra moisture. Always remember to towel dry your curly strands first, and keep your styling tools away from them.

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