Which One Of The Four Hair Types Is Suitable For You?

Hair Types

Hair types, according to a popular belief, fall into four categories. The first two are smooth and curly and they are most often the choice of women who want their hair to look its best. These are known as standard hair types. Cute and straight with tight curls or who are unable to produce any curls are also classified as type three and type four.

Women with tight curls are usually classified as waves. They can be curly or straight and their texture can be coarse or soft. Those women with coiled waves have a special type of hair types which are known as sewn waves.

There is another popular hair types which is called the castillo. It is defined as being short with bangs swept to one side. A castillo can be curled or straight and there are variations between curly and straight coiled castillos. A castillo with bangs swept to the other side is considered a chin up castillo.

Another hair types is that of the wavy hair types. Wavy hair types are defined as having some wave at the roots or a wavy at the tip. They are known to fall in to the following three categories; straight hair wavy hair and curly hair wavy hair. They are also classified by their texture and by their coiling. Those coiled hair wavy types can be flat iron wavy hair types or keratin wavy hair types.

Women with wavy hair types can wear anything. They are in fashion today and are liked by many people for the face and the style they put on. In fact, there are fashion wavy hairstyles which you can follow. There are also hair typing systems for wavy hair types to make it look perfect for your day.

One of the hair types that falls in to the curly category is called curling hair. Curly hair falls into two categories namely; dry and wet hair. Dry hair falls into the following two categories: wavy hair and frizzy hair.

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Those hair types which are defined as being curled are in reality defined as a type of texture. Cute curls are just like regular curls but have a different texture to them. Those hair types with a texture that has more texture than others are called frizzies. The most common frizzy hair type is curly. However, there are also other frizzy hair types such as kinky hair and ringlet curls.

All these hair types are defined as being curly or wavy, thick or thin hair. Those in the category of thin hair are also known as being prone to hair damage. This may be because they are prone to breakage, heat damage or because they are chemically treated to some extent. Those in the oily category, on the other hand, are more prone to hair loss or to hair damage because of their oily nature.

Those hair types which are defined as having loose curls are in fact defined as having the characteristics of both curly and straight. This type of hair is usually defined as having more natural body. This type of hair is one that tends to look thicker on top than it does at its base. In addition to this trait, this type of hair also tends to look more lively, shiny and vibrant. One of the most common reasons why people choose to use this type of hair styling product is because it is easy to handle.

Loose curls are also one of the defined hair texture types. Those hair types are also called soft and gentle hair texture. This type of hair texture is defined as having a low sheen. This low sheen feature makes it ideal for those who have naturally thin hair texture. Loose curls are most suitable for those who wish to have hairstyles that are short and chic.

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Curly hair is one of the most defined hair types. Those individuals who have wavy or curly hair tend to have this high sheen hair texture. As it is defined as having the tendency to curl, it is also prone to frizz and static. Since hair tends to be prone to frizz, this particular hair styling product is actually very suitable for those who wish to have hairstyles that are short and chic.

The next hair type is straight hair. This particular hair texture is defined as having the tendency to curl without any external aid. Those individuals who have straight hair tend to look like they have their hair tied up. However, when it comes to those who have curly hair, the hair tends to look more messy. This is due to the fact that straight hair tends to have less volume in comparison to curls.

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