Short Curly Hairstyles for Curly Hair

A voluminous, cascading cowl resting over thick, long curls is an endlessly chic style which can easily be incorporated into just about any hair style imaginable. Short curly hairstyles are perfect for curly or wavy hair since it naturally steers away from straight hairstyle. In addition, short curly strands are surprisingly versatile and easy to manage, which is why so many curly-haired women have them in their collection. But short curly hair doesn’t have to be a victim of unruly frizz and unruly hair, and with the right tools, there are some terrific hairstyles for curly locks to wear.

Short Curly Hair

Cute layers: This style looks amazing on all styles, short, long, and curly. With a cute layer atop a tight, straight hairline, this instantly radiates volume and a bit of texture. To make this look even cuter, keep your curl alive with a curling iron, and use it in a low ponytail to add some dimension and drama. Curly layers also look amazing worn in loose waves, pixie cuts, or as part of an updo.

Shaved Side bob: If you’re going for the cute, fuzzy side bob, make sure your hair is wet and soft before you start. The best way to achieve the shaved side bob look is to pull your hair up at the roots and carefully apply side Bob spray or gel at the roots of your hair to give your hair thickness. Then take your short curly hair and section it in half, starting at the bottom of your head and brushing your way to the top of your head. Apply the Bob product to the front and back of your hair (along the side and back) and twist the ends so that they are framing your face.

Short Cuff With pompadour hair, you can create a simple, stylish style with a pomade wave. To complete this simple style, wet your hair, apply a styling product, and then comb through using fine toothed combs. Gently comb your hair backwards to create a small wave across your forehead. Then take your favorite shampoo and spray it along with your comb, taking particular care to cover your eyes. Snap your fingers once you’ve secured the style, which will be easily undone if needed. If you have a lot of frizzy short curly hair, you might consider using an old mop or towel to slide across the crown of your head, securing the knot with a pin.

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Short Hair with Thick Curls: It’s a natural wonder for women with naturally thick curly locks to be able to pull off the glamorous and sexy short hair style known as the curled updo. This look is ideal when you don’t want to add any additional weight to your hair, or if you just don’t have the time to create a short tight hairstyle. You can either choose to leave your hair loose and flowing, or you can choose to wear a sleek up do with a curling iron. The result is gorgeous, so it’s easy to achieve a fashionable and romantic look with short curly hair.

Wavy / Curly Hair: For those with wavy and curly hair, there are many options. There are many variations on short haircuts for curly hairs that will work with all types of hair. A fun option is to take a section of wavy short hair and part it into three parts; secure each section with a clasp and use a comb to style the section. This look is best used to highlight layers of wavy hair or to create a soft, romantic look.

Short Hair With Thick Curls: Adding texture to your hair is easy when you choose short wavy haircuts for thick curly hairs. One option is to part the hair in the middle and add a layer of hairspray to the back to define curls. Another option is to let your hair fall naturally straight and then part the hair into two sections, one at the front and one at the back. Brush the hair into a smooth, shiny taper and then scrunch it into a high ponytail. If desired, you can either curl the front section or add a few strands of extensions. Hair gels, mousse, hairspray and clips can be used to add extra volume and definition.

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Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair: For those who are looking for a super short cut for short hair, cute short haircuts for curly hairs can provide a stylish alternative. For curly, wavy, or shiny hair, short, cute cuts are the best bet. Use simple layers and a curling iron to create this sexy look, which will look great with the rest of your outfit. This look is cute, classy, and absolutely perfect for any date or special occasion.

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