How To Grow Out Balayage Hair

Balayage Hair

What exactly is Balayage Hair styling? The word balayage literally translates to “sweeping”. Balayage is the term typically used to describe how the color is swept over the hair with a large brush prior to the highlight or coloring process. This technique highlights the hair shaft and highlights hair’s natural texture.

There are several reasons why a person would desire to have balayage hair styling. One reason is to get highlights while keeping the volume at bay. Highlights and volume can make a hairstyle stand out too! This type of hairstyle also does a good job of hiding the small sections of hair that may be visible below the eye. Many people with this hairstyle choose to wear it down or even with a high ponytail, which helps to conceal the sections of hair that might be showing.

To master the balayage hair technique it is best to become a professional colorist. Hiring a professional colorist to perform this technique is similar to hiring a hairdresser for any other type of hair styling. You will need to inquire about their experience and qualifications before allowing them to color your hair. Most colorists are not “one-and-done” when it comes to doing this type of coloring. They often learn as they go so it is important to ask them what type of training and formal education they have had in color design. A highly skilled colorist is a rare thing and is usually well sought after by salons.

In addition to a professional colorist, you will also need a small round brush in order to perform the balayage highlights. This brush can be made from a soft metal, but a wood or plastic brush will work just as well. You should be able to find one that is comfortable to hold because you will be styling the strands while holding this single tool.

Choosing a Layered Hair Style

Begin by applying a small amount of highlights to a small section of your scalp. The smaller size of the brush will allow you to blend the color far better than trying to use a larger brush. If the balayage hair technique that you are using is very coarse, you may want to add a small amount of hairspray to the root of each strand prior to starting. This will help keep the highlights from building up on top of each other. Next take a large section of your hair and pull it forward until the base of your palm is visible. Then color the base of your palm a pale pink or pale peach.

It is very important to work in a low-maintenance manner when performing the balayage hair technique. You can add highlights and color in any order you desire. Since you are only applying the balayage on your palms you can add as many colors as you like without being overwhelmed by the work. Using a very fine tooth comb and keeping your highlights even can help you achieve the desired results.

Some of the most popular balayage colors include colors like salmon pink, mauve, champagne and olive green. However, some stylists favor using traditional highlights such as golden amber, burgundy, plum and mauve. Because you are not being exposed to chemical agents during this procedure, traditional highlights are much safer for your hair. Many balayage colorists also recommend staying away from flat irons during this process.

The final step of this process is to style your hair normally using a ceramic straightener. Once your highlights are dried and you have combed your hair, you can clip your style together. Balayage hair styles are quickly becoming very popular on instagram. If you are looking for a new way to dye your hair, this may be a great option. Check out the link below to find the best hair color and highlights for your style.

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