Easy Color Ideas For Brown Hair

Hair color ideas are limitless. There are as many hair color tips as there are hair colors to try. From fiery red head, to elegant burgundy, discover your own hair color scheme. Take into account your personal style and body type. What may look good on someone else may not look so good on you. Don’t forget about your personal skin tone.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Evaluate your skin tone and hair color ideas based on the hues that compliment your skin tone. If you have a warm complexion, then warm tones such as red, orange, yellow and browns would look great together. Cool hues such as green, blue and gray would look nice, but you can use your imagination and decide how to incorporate these new shades in your current hair color ideas.

One of the most popular hair color ideas for redheads is to get a rich caramel color (a caramel color that has a little hint of pink or peach). This color highlights the hair shaft and adds warmth. Many people with dark hair choose this hue because it looks flattering on them. Those with pale skin can also get a rich caramel color with some purple streaks. For those with very pale skin, a bronde balayage will be perfect.

If you have medium or high hair, then you can get your highlights in between these two extremes. A warm honey color such as golden blond will look great when mixed with silver highlights or highlighted with mocha highlights. If you have very dark hair, then you should stay away from light blondees. A brassy orange hue such as peach highlights will highlight your dark strands beautifully. If you have lowlights, you can still get highlights by using very pale highlights like silver or pale pink. You can also create lowlights by using pink highlights.

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Now that you have made the decision to try blonde for brunettes, you should know that there are also a wide variety of blonde colors to choose from. When choosing a color for brunettes, the only limitation is your own imagination. You can choose the shade that is closest to your natural color or one that closely resembles the color of your birthstone, for example, Ormond.

If you have light blond hair, you can opt for ombre highlights. An ombre hair color highlights only the hairline and does not highlight the entire head. The cool thing about ombre hair is that you can easily pull it off if you do not have a lot of hair and you have a dark complexion. However, if you have more blond hair, it would be too much of a transition and will make your face-framing highlights stand out.

An easy way to give a fresh new edge to your hair color is to pick an ash grey as your shade. Ash grey has an unkempt look that is very sleek. People who have darker complexions and a lot of freckles usually go for this color. There are also times when people choose to use an ash grey with a lighter tone base such as pale pink or light blue.

Now that you know that it is possible to change your hair color without having to resort to drastic hair surgery, you might want to try some other cool hair color ideas. Dark brown highlights would give you a sophisticated professional look and give you a warm glow. People who have light brown hair can use a lighter shade of brown highlights to give them a fresh sexy look that they can wear with a nice little black dress and heels. Brown highlights also work well for people who have dark hair but want something that will add depth and texture to their hair.

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